FBCG organizes Summits and Forums across different GCC cities. All forums explore three underlying themes: Continuity, Prosperity and Legacy, in varying levels of depth and perspectives.

FBCG takes pride in supporting family businesses develop their internal capabilities, connects members to other family businesses, professional advisors and coaches, and facilitates consultation workshops, joint-working groups on behalf of its members to achieve development goals essential for the sustainability of the family business.

FBCG proactively strengthens its position as a key intermediary between family businesses and key external stakeholders such as government departments, international institutions, media and society as a whole. This is demonstrated via community activities that are hosted regularly.

Events hosted are strictly for the community of well-established GCC family business owners. Non-family-executives are invited to partake in activities in their capacity as speakers, moderators and C-executives of family businesses.


Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari and his son Brent Bushnell, Co-Founder of Two Bit Circus at FBCG Regional Summit 2015

Events typically organised by FBCG involve international family case studies and expert panel discussions, all conducted under Chatham House rules. These events provide a unique opportunity to meet like-minded families in order to share their experiences and openly discuss challenges related to family business in a safe confidential environment. They also serve as a networking platform for families to integrate into the FBCG community and for the Next Generation to meet and identify potential mentors.

To view FBCG’s upcoming events, visit our Events Calendar Page