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FBCG develops and shares strategic research, educational reports and case studies to raise public awareness and enable effective decision-making on imporant family business issues. Select reports and studies are available here in our public library. 

Family Business Books

FBCG supports scholars and practitioners who author books that contribute to the thought leadership on family businesses in the GCC and Middle East region.

Educational Reports and Publications

FBCG develops educational reports and publications on core topics related to family businesses such as governance, legal structures, shareholder exit and valuation, and conflict resolution. Our educational publications help raise awareness and provide a knowledge toolkit to enable family businesses to plan effectively and address their key challenges proactively.  

Governance Code

This is the region’s first bilingual governance guide for family businesses. It provides a set of governance best-practices in family and corporate governance delivered in a concise and easy to read guide. The guide explains and present voluntary governance practices. With an objective to raise awareness about effective governance mechanisms that serve as solutions for major risks and challenges family businesses may encounter.

Legal White Paper

In recent years, the climate for family business in the GCC is shifting towards greater awareness of the importance of succession planning and a greater desire to preserve the family legacy. Many founders of family businesses are now actively seeking flexibility in determining the entitlements of their beneficiaries and shareholders among family members. They are also looking for legitimate and innovative means to transfer the ownership and management of their business to suitable custodians. The GCC has a unique dynamic at play when compared to other jurisdictions in the world. The key differences lie in the fact that across the GCC, apart from federal law as passed down in the form of Ministerial Decisions or Royal Decrees, businesses and individuals are also required to comply with Islamic law principles (Sharia law). This is particularly the case in inheritance related matters. This White Paper is aimed to provide the readers with an understanding of the potential legal structures that can be applied for succession planning whilst taking into account the unique requirements of the GCC region.


Family Business Health Index

In collaboration with McKinsey & Company we pioneered the first study assessing the unique challenges, opportunities and common trends facing family businesses in the GCC. The goal of the survey is to understand the health of family businesses in the region today and readiness for generational transfer by self-assessing across various pillars including governance, ownership, strategy, wealth management, philanthropy and digital maturity. The outcome of the study is an aggregate regional report and individualized reports for each family that defines an actionable change agenda and best-practice models for key areas of improvement. Based on our findings, there are a number of priorities that emerge for family businesses in the region. Specifically on the family side, the clear areas of focus include: ensuring effective implementation of governance structures; investing in preparation of the next generation; and being much more strategic and systematic about philanthropic efforts.

Polaris Pubications

View case studies, articles, tools and models in our Polaris Publications developed especially for FBN family businesses who want to create and scale positive impacts.