Our events allow members to learn from peers and experts; engage in debate and dialogue; get introduced to new paradigms, toolkits and sharing best practices from the region and internationally. The event programs are part of a learning journey designed to develop the three drivers of a sustainable family business: the individual, family relationships and business practices.

Annual Summit

The purpose of the regional annual summit is to have open discussions about common challenges in the GCC, to share best-practices. We bring a mix of regional and international speakers and open the floor for lively debates to spark insightful and outcome-oriented conversations.

Next Generation (Nxg) Events

FBCG is growing its portfolio of socialized Next Generation events. We offer a range of regional and international opportunities covering the topics that are most relevant to the upcoming leaders and owners for family businesses. Currently, FBCG runs short courses and workshops covering relevant development areas; such as family and corporate governance, next generation development, leadership and decision making. Our workshops are hand selected from all over the world and are run by high calibre education and training entities.

Legal Roundtable

As part of our research pursuit to uncover and find solutions for regional family business issues, FBCG holds roundtables with participants from family members and expert professionals. The roundtables discuss current trends and common practices to challenges faced by GCC family businesses.