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06 February 2019
NxG Leadership Coaching Program | Workshop (1): Leadership Fitness Training
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To support the development of the next generation, FBCG is working with a renowned leadership coach to run essential leadership development workshops along with optional private coaching sessions. The workshops and coaching sessions will assist in developing leadership effectiveness by improving interpersonal and persuasive skills and overall communication proficiency; while fostering the discipline to maintain “big picture” thinking.

General Overview of the Program

The full program consists of 2 essential leadership workshops: (1) Leadership Fitness Training and (2) Effective Engagement Training. Participants will be required to take individual assessments, before each workshop, to get a better understanding of their individual strengths and goals. Participants may deepen the impact of their learning by registering with our coach for 4 private leadership coaching sessions.

Key Learnings

  • Improve personal productivity by leveraging potential for growth and excellence.
  • Develop a clear action plan for developing key leadership strengths.
  • Develop strategies to mitigate areas of weakness that undermine effectiveness.

Learn more about our upcoming workshops. To download full program brief, click here

To download application process, click here

Registration Fee

Workshop (1) USD 2,000 For Members, USD 2,300 For Non Members
Workshop (2) USD 2,500 For Members, USD 2,800 For Non Members
Workshop (2) USD 2,250 For Members Only For participants who completed Workshop 1, or would like to take both workshops
Private Coaching USD 1,600 For Members Only
Full Program Package USD 5,500 For Members Only

About Ken Tyler

Ken Tyler, an author and coach, presently advises and coaches leadership strategy management to top teams and their leaders in organizations. He is an expert on maximizing his client's suite of leadership strengths and strategies, allowing them to synergize and synchronize their teams. The diversity of his work is reflected in the variety of people he has advised, including CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Corporate Directors, Corporate Boards, Public Figures and individuals with diverse backgrounds in Europe, North America, MENA and APAC.

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