11 November 2021
Fardan Alfardan wins the NexGen Innovation Award
Congratulations to our NexGen Innovation Award Winner - Fardan Al Fardan, General Manager, Safwa
Family Business Council Gulf awards the NexGen Innovation Award to Fardan Al Fardan, General Manager, Safwa for bringing innovation to his family business, Al Fardan Group Holding in Doha, Qatar.

Innovation is fundamental to ensure the continuity of family enterprises. In this award, we celebrate the impact of a next generation family member who has helped drive innovation and digital transformation forward within the family business.

Fardan Al Fardan has revived and transformed their traditional family farm established in 1975 into a thriving commercial entity in Safwa. Safwa uses cutting-edge farming technology to grow over 30 products on the farm which are then sold in supermarkets across Qatar. Safwa is committed to providing home-grown produce and they are already eyeing regional expansion.

A key differentiation is that Safwa utilizes cutting-edge farming technology that doesn’t require any soil and recycles 90% of its water consumption. This is vital for sustainable farming with profound environmental implications for our region.

Reflecting on the award process and results, Fardan Al Fardan said “I am very humbled and happy to receive this award from FBCG, I consider it a great privilege and an even greater responsibility to serve and provide for our local community through modern and cutting-edge sustainable farming. It was a great honor to help lead this initiative and apply the latest sustainable technologies to our farms. I want to thank my family for their continuous support, and I would also like to thank my Safwa team for their hard work. Finally, I want to thank the Family Business Awards (FBCG) for this great initiative, and I wish them all the best in the future.”
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